How it works

Print securely from any device

With One Q you can print securely from any Windows, Mac or Linux workstation, as well as smartphone or tablet (BYOD). We even make it possible to print securely from Mainframe (IBM Z) and place the job in your private print queue.

For any workstations, we offer our unique and patented One Driver technology where users can print all document formats correctly including advanced finisher options like booklet, stapling or tray selection independent of printer choice.

One Q Secure Cloud

With One Q your print job is securely stored in the cloud until you have authenticated yourself at the printer where you choose to have the job delivered.

Our software on the printer offers the user the option to manage the print-jobs directly on the printer itself as well as tracking all printing, copying and scanning activities for compliance and reporting purposes.

We support more than 90% of all MFP’s and printers

With One Q you will be independent of one single printer vendor. You can freely add or change printer provider to continuously optimize the usage without the need to change settings or update printer drivers at the users’ workstations.

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Our Secure Print Management

can also be installed on premise

Meet our advantages
  • Alt text Pull print securely
  • Alt text Reduce paper waste
  • Alt text Comply with EU GDPR
  • Alt text Reduce help desk load
  • Alt text Set up and track usage
  • Alt text Cut spending on hardware and software
  • Alt text Easy deployment
  • Alt text Print from any device anywhere
  • Alt text Boost productivity and user satisfaction
Our happy customers say

After moving to a new platform, Topdanmark has discovered good performance and a new possibility for users, which means easier work process in Topdanmark's office.

René Melsted

IT Drift at Topdanmark

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