5 reasons why you should switch to true cloud printing

The benefit of any cloud solution, from social media to Dropbox, is that it’s always on, always up to date, and accessible anywhere and from any device. But while the number of cloud services continues to grow apace, only a few are dedicated to printing.

Often, these cloud printing solutions are designed for a hybrid cloud, which means you need an on-site server. However, there’s a better way. You can now move your printing to a reliable, secure public cloud with no need for your own hardware. And it comes with considerable benefits to your organisation.

That’s why large enterprises and SMEs are increasingly moving their printing into the cloud. So here are the top five reasons to make the switch:

1 – Supports flexible, agile working

Newer, more agile ways of working can mean that people work on the move, or from home, or from hot desks, business centres, coworking spaces and more. This demands the ability to print anywhere from any device, with confidence that the service will work reliably and securely. With cloud printing solutions you can manage your business on the go, wherever you are, with a simple and consistent user interface across all platforms.

2 – Better print transparency

Traditionally, just one person or department has been responsible for managing print servers and reporting on print usage. Now, a centralised cloud service permits multi-user access and communication between team members, so anyone can access and monitor print data. This enables teams to take greater responsibility for their own usage and costs.

3 – Saves on equipment, consumables and productivity

Cloud printing can bring significant cost savings. On-site servers aren’t required, so there’s no need to maintain, update or support them – or to power them. And when it comes to human input, a cloud service and its updates can be deployed across an entire enterprise in minutes.

Then, by setting parameters and permissions, and with real-time reporting, it’s possible to save on toners/inks and paper. Users can be helped to avoid sending a job to the wrong printer or in the wrong format, or printing unnecessarily in full colour, for example. And with security options, users can avoid having to ‘sprint and print’, or hover by the printer, saving on time and boosting productivity.

4 – Costs flex with your business needs

With your own on-site infrastructure, you’re paying for hardware, power usage, IT support, maintenance and upgrades. But with software as a service (SaaS), you eliminate these fixed costs and replace them with operating costs which can grow or shrink according to your business needs – and which are easier to estimate and monitor.

This means you can now run a full cloud printing solution without no up-front costs at all, saving time and, potentially, headcount. By moving everything into the cloud, you can access a single flexible solution with no risk.

5 – Enhances security and compliance

Every business needs its data to be safely stored and backed up, and secure at all times. The cloud is a reliable, cost-effective and space-efficient way to do this. This way, your data is protected against break-ins, cyber-attacks and physical damage to your data and your print infrastructure.

When it comes to personal data in particular, the risk and recovery benefits associated with the cloud are even more significant. When you move your data into the cloud, you place it in the hands of world-class expertise, infrastructure and security. And this helps you to be compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

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