Celebrating 10 great years in business

This September is a big birthday for our company. So we asked our COO, Morten Sørensen, about the journey to this point and what the future looks like.

How did the company start out?

We were a small team writing software clients for Ricoh, but pretty soon we were developing our own server so we could start selling those clients ourselves, as well as for other printer brands like Lexmark and HP. Today, of course, we support all major manufacturers’ printers!

What was the market opportunity?

Resellers and end-users were finding printing complex and frustrating: so many different brands with different drivers and updates, so much manual intervention, so much hassle every time you wanted to move a printer. In fact, without a print management solution like ours, those problems still exist today.
Print problems can represent a high proportion of support calls, so it can be really costly – as well as the lost paper, ink and productivity when jobs go wrong.
So we created our One Driver solution, built on Linux – and originally running on a mainframe! Our first One Driver user, from six years ago, is still a satisfied customer today.

How is One Q adapting to meet market demands?

Most importantly, we’ve moved our solution into the cloud and oriented our focus towards larger user bases, because we know that enterprise customers are urgently looking for cloud solutions to get away from the complexity of managing on-site servers and a proliferation of printer drivers.

In 2017, we also began attracting interest from around the world, so for clarity and ease of pronunciation we changed the business name from Ubiquitech to One Q. It’s simple and define our core product: one driver, one server, one queue.

We’ve also changed from being a company with a clever bit of technology to being a company with a very polished, ‘packaged’ product running as a service in the cloud. To do this, we’ve invested in development, sales and marketing, documentation, quality assurance and everything else that makes the product easier to sell, use and support.

Where are the big successes coming from?

We now have several reference sites with more that thousands of printers, including Polish Post and Renfe in Spain, proving that our solution works perfectly at scale for enterprise users. Qatar Airways has also been a great recent win, and we’re about to announce some other major sales thanks to close working with our partners.

What is One Q’s future growth strategy?

We face all the excitement – and all the challenges – of being a small Danish company with a cutting-edge product, for which there is huge global demand! Also, when you focus on enterprise users, you’re dealing with long lead times and intensive customer engagement. So the only sensible way for us to grow is through strong partnerships with resellers and OEMs.

Our worldwide arrangement with HP launches in October, so even though we remain vendor-agnostic, this opens a lot of opportunities for resellers and it will help to fuel our growth. And we are drawing attention from other similar major OEMs.

Our strategy is to support those partners in everything that they do, in terms of pre-and post-sales support, beta-testing and development, even getting alongside their customers while never actually selling direct.

We’ve been building our presence in other countries: we now have teams in Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Mexico and Miami – the Miami team supports the Latin American market, which is a huge opportunity for us. We have some OEM agreements in the USA but we’ll be working hard to expand our presence there.

We’ve doubled in size over the past two years, and we’re looking for more excellent partners to help make ensure that this trajectory continues!

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