One Q’s One Driver

One Q’s One Driver optimises print and cuts your costs for labour and supplies

Three simple reasons to choose One Q One Driver, the true universal driver

1 – A true single-driver solution

One Q One Driver offers a single, simple printer driver to replace all existing drivers. Unlike other attempts to develop a ‘single driver’ solution, where print jobs are produced at the workstation, One Q’s patented technology converts files on the server instead (which may be hosted locally or in the cloud). This truly is a one-driver solution. Even better, the solution is deployed organisation-wide within minutes without leaving your seat, and all updates are automatic.
One Driver is ideal for fleets comprising a wide range of printers from different manufacturers, even across multiple sites, where the IT administration workload would normally be significant. Environments like these usually involve numerous print queues with different drivers, where users must know in advance which print queue to use depending on where they plan to collect their print job. With One Driver, that’s a thing of the past: users print with a single, simple interface, with no ‘lost’ print jobs and no ‘sprint to print’.

2 – Substantial savings in time and money

One Driver enables users at any workstation to print any document format correctly, regardless of their choice of printer, including finishing options like booklets, stapling, punching and advanced colour choices. This results in fewer mistakes and less wasted time, and delivers savings on paper and toner. It is also possible to set user restrictions where required; for example, only black and white print or only A4, etc. Smoother printing means less pressure on the IT support team, less frustration, and greater productivity.

3 – Smoother workflows

One Driver includes popular features such as web upload, email-to-print, and scan-to-workflow. That’s why it’s one of the most comprehensive print management solutions on the market today – ideally suited to companies both large and small, even with multiple printer networks and multi-vendor fleets!

One Q One Driver – benefits summary

• Works across all your printers and devices, regardless of brand (replacing all existing drivers that came with your multi-vendor fleet)
• Delivers simplicity, effectiveness, productivity and savings
• Works easily in private or hybrid clouds
• Offers a wide range of escalating security options, making it ideal for highly sensitive environments
• Prints your job in just the right format, irrespective of printer
• Lets you move printers around without disturbing users or needing to make changes at each workstation (eg to printer drivers or workstation queues)
• Deploys in minutes, even across the largest enterprise fleets
• Handles all settings and updates across the entire fleet – rapidly, remotely and automatically – from the Server Dashboard
• Dramatically reduces the number of support calls
• Cuts out frustration and complexity, delivering greater user satisfaction.

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