We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals, who are working on making secure printing efficient and simple for enterprise customers worldwide.

The company was founded in 2004 under the name Ubiquitech, until changed to One Q in August 2017.

Our software is based on cloud technology, easy and simple to deploy and manage. We do however give our customers the freedom of choice if you still want One Q installed on-premise using Windows, Linux, IBM Power or IBM System Z platforms.

We sell and offer services to our customers worldwide through a network of skilled and certified partners, making them valuable and essential contributors in assisting customers from pure interest to seeing the benefits of the implemented solutions.

We have a mission

We are here to provide you advanced One Q Secure Print Management solutions made available in the cloud and ready to use, guaranteeing ROI and compliance.

Our vision is to become the first choice of Secure Print Management for any enterprise market customer.

Why choose us

We provide high-quality solution and guarantee you

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Highest Return

on Investment

Our solution is flexible and agile with better performance, optimized printer fleet, easy deployment and a major reduction of paper/toner and administration costs.

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One Q is secure by design, through the centralised software architecture and by having data in one location. You can collect the print-job securely by identifying yourself at any printer in your organization. All communication is encrypted using SSL and with One Q Print Monitor it is possible to encrypt the print jobs at the workstation and decrypt it using passphrase at the device.

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Cloud Based


One Q does not need a local print server, it is SaaS based, available worldwide on Microsoft Azure with easy setup and administration. The SaaS solution can be delivered with the cloud platform included, making sure that all focus is directed to the customer’s Print Management needs.

Strategic Relations

We have a good experience working with the biggest corporations

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Our SaaS solution is deployed and running on Microsoft Azure and we work in close partnership with Microsoft bringing our technology to the market worldwide. We are setting high standards and have ensured that our One Driver that is installed on customers’ workstations is certified by Microsoft and compliant with enterprise requirements for your security.

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Because our software is ideal to run on an IBM Z (IBM Mainframe) and IBM Power we have for many years had a very close partnership with IBM. One Q in combination with these hardware platforms gives customers a very stable and cost efficient print environment. Together with IBM we are addressing some of their major customers.