One Q is a complete cloud based secure print management solution, flexible and agile, with the highest performance, optimized print fleet support, easy deployment and a major cost reduction. Available to all customers around the globe, independent of server platform, hardware choices and network connection.

Admin web interface

From any device

  • Workstations: PC, Mac or Linux
  • Public PC
  • Host Print
  • Mobility (BYOD)

Pull print

With the user interface on the MFP’s screen you get a full high-end secure print management solution including print-job selection, print-job delete, confidential printing, and full reporting of tracked activities.

Release all

Secure print release on the devices without display via One Q switch box. You get confidential printing through authentication with ID cards and with all activities being tracked for security and traceability reasons.


One universal printer driver, standard tracking/reporting, rules, LDAP integration and One Q Easy Manager for selecting push printers from workstations.

Unique One-driver technology

  • Serving all models of printers from all vendors
  • Covering advanced finisher options like booklet, punching, stapling, tray selections etc.
  • Optimized for Citrix environments
  • WHQL certified by Microsoft:
  • Alt text
Simple management

Significantly reduce load on Help Desk

No driver management


Change/shift the printers to another location without any changes on the users’ workstations

User satisfaction

Always same user interface

No down-time

The One Q One Driver gives the users one single generic printer driver replacing all existing ones and providing the final print-job conversion on the One Q server – local or in the cloud.

How One Q can be set up?

You can set up private or public cloud, or have a combination of these options:

Alt text

The private cloud solution is when the print-jobs are sent to the cloud via secure VPN tunnel.

The public cloud solution One Q Direct is used if you don’t want to set up a VPN or have unstable Internet connection. In this case only authentication and tracking data is sent to the cloud and the print-job travels directly from the workstation to the printer.

Cloud printing without trouble

One Q Direct is set up and managed centrally but deployed locally.

Alt text
Printing directly, managed in the cloud
Alt text
Secure and compliant pull and push printing
Alt text
Supporting any MFP/printer type
Alt text
Price per month per MFP/printer

How it works?

Performance is always good, as print-jobs stay on the local network (LAN) and only metadata (data for traceability) goes to the cloud.

Print-job goes directly from workstation to printer through LAN when released by user, without going into the cloud.

Metadata for rules, statistics and authentication goes through secure VPN tunnel, into the cloud.

Authentication, rules and reporting are conducted from the cloud. Users can be in the cloud or on local Active Directory (or other LDAP).

Push printing, without loss of metadata, is still possible if cloud connection is down.

One Q deployment models
Server deployment Private Cloud Public Cloud On Premise
* If installed on a Linux server

One Q One printer


Yes No Yes*

Requires a VPN


Yes No No

The print-job will

be stored

In the cloud On the desktop On the local server

Requires a local print


No No Yes

Central management


Yes Yes Yes
One Q helps you ensure
Alt text
Alt text

Network communication

  • End to end SSL encryption
  • 3rd party Certificate (GlobalSign)
  • Secure Cloud (public cloud)
  • Secure VPN option
  • Reduced WAN traffic
  • Passphrase on embedded terminals
Alt text

Secure pull print

  • No more print and sprint
  • Print follows the user (collect securely with ID from any printer)
  • Reduces the use of unsafe print release
  • Sticky card and smart card
  • Traceability for compliance
Alt text

Centralized platform

  • Secure by Design
  • Operational stability
  • Failover option
  • AD domain/LDAP support
  • No redundant data
Alt text

From any device

  • Workstations: PC, Mac or Linux
  • Public PC
  • Host print
  • Mobility (BYOD)
Alt text
Alt text


  • Flexible and agile solution
  • One platform
  • We respond quickly on customer demands
  • Easy to do business with
Alt text

Pull print benefits

  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Job list - reduction of consumables and power cost
  • Tracking and control of usage
  • Hardware consolidation
  • Improved user productivity
Alt text

One printer driver

  • Unique patented technology
  • Easy deployment
  • Reduced help desk load
  • Increased productivity and higher user satisfaction
Alt text


  • Significant reduction in HW investment
  • Significant reduction in software
  • Less power consumption and reduction of CO2 emission
  • Reduction of administration costs
  • More flexible and scalable IT infrastructure
Alt text

Centralized administration

  • Easy deployment
  • Improved centralized control
  • Better performance
  • Multi tenancy
Alt text

Vendor independent

  • Optimized printer fleet
  • Option to buy most efficient devices
Alt text
Our Secure Print Management
can also be installed on premise

Choose between our SaaS solution based on Microsoft Azure or the software installed at your own server using Windows, Open Platform version (Linux) including IBM System Z and IBM Power - depending on your needs and preferences.

One Q Solutions features
  • Pull printing (follow-me) – user authentication on printer/MFP in a multi-vendor environment
  • Push printing – directly to a dedicated printer
  • Secure copy, scan and fax
  • Confidential printing – no compliance problems (GDPR)
  • Encryption – to avoid security breaches
  • Flexibility – print out wherever you are located
  • Accounting – for traceability, statistics and customer invoicing
  • LDAP support
  • One Driver – significantly reduced Help desk load
  • Rules and reports – with email notification for efficiency and automation
  • Savings – on paper, toner, power, number of personal printers and ink
  • Reduced print handling time
  • Easy handling of users and print queues
  • Local languages supported
  • Open API – for customization
  • Mobile printing from iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

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